Tibetan Medicine

Tibetan Medicine

Balance the mind and body with diet and lifestyle changes.

Tibetan Medicine dates back many centuries and has its roots in Ayurvedic Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Greek Medicine and Bon Shamanism. It is based on Buddhist philosophy and psychology which explains that everything originates from the mind and the five elements of Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. The five elements are represented in the body by the three humours of Wind (Tib: rLung), Bile (mKhrispa) and Phlegm (Badken). These three humours are directly influenced by the three mental poisons of attachment, anger and denial/closed mindedness which themselves originate from ignorance.

Tibetan Medicine teaches that the mind and body are inseparable and that for perfect health both the body and mind must be in balance. It seeks to do this through gentle dietary and lifestyle changes which take into account a person’s constitution, humour imbalance, their mind state and seasonal influences.

Tibetan Medicine offers a depth of understanding of how the mind interacts with the body which is only just beginning to be discovered and proved by Western medicine.

I have undergone basic training in Tibetan Medicine and may introduce some of the concepts into consultations when relevant.

For those who would like to learn more about Tibetan Medicine I have written a module about it as part of the Naturopathic course (more information here).

Tibetan Medicine Education Centre: ongoing training 2017-2021

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