Nutritional Medicine

Nutritional Medicine

Restore the body’s vital energy with diet and naturopathic cleansing.

Recognising the impact that our diet has on our health, Nutritional Medicine aims to restore the body's vital energy through changes in diet, naturopathic cleansing techniques and correction of nutritional deficiencies. Nutritional Medicine seeks to identify and address not just the symptoms but the root cause of disease, believing that the right nutrients at the right dosage are paramount for optimum health and vitality. Going one step further than the well-known “you are what you eat” adage, Nutritional Medicine recognises that in truth “you are what you absorb”. Stress, digestive problems, poor quality ingredients and certain drugs are just some of the influences that can impair our ability to absorb the nutrients from our food.

I will carry out a detailed analysis of symptoms, lifestyle and diet during a consultation and offer a full explanation as to the likely nutritional imbalances that may be behind presenting symptoms. I will then draw up a personalised programme, which includes supplements and dietary/lifestyle changes.

As a registered Nutritional Therapist and Naturopath I have access to many private labs and can organise lab tests if it is felt that additional clarification is required to solve a particular health issue. The tests that I use on a regular basis include hair analysis, stool testing, adrenal cortisol and DHEA saliva testing, thyroid testing (blood and urine), gene testing and full blood counts.

I continue my training as a Nutritional Therapist by regularly attending professional development conferences to keep up-to-date with modern research.

I am passionate about training practitioners to holistically reason through the cause of disease and to understand predispositions and the various stages of disease manifestation.¬† I am the main author of the School of Health’s Nutritional Therapist correspondence course and have also taught the diet and lifestyle module of the Foundation degree in Health and Complementary Therapies at Gloucester college.

I have written three Nutritional  Therapy courses which are available from the School of Health (  and ) and CUTAM ( ). I also run a student nutrition discussion group with a naturopath colleague regularly throughout the year.

Here is a video showing how individuals can achieve improved wellbeing by consulting BANT registered Nutrition Therapists for individualised nutrition and lifestyle recommendations.

Diploma in Nutritional Medicine (Distinction) 2003: Plaskett College of Nutritional Medicine, Registered: British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT) member since 2002, Nutritional Therapy council certificate 2009, Registered member Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (Nutritional Therapy) CNHC, Naturopathic Nutrition Association

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